She cuddles in her arm chair, starring to the good-looking man sitting in front of her across the table.

The Café wasn’t that crowded today. At least that’s how it looks to her…Or is her deserted soul spreading the emptiness around her?

She doesn’t know.

He looks annoyed, glaring aimlessly through the big window, obviously trying to avoid her inquiring stares. His fidgeting fingers are continuously drumming on the table.

Is he that desperate to leave?

  • So… how are you? She asks with a faint smile.
  • Good, I guess…. and, how are you? He answers with a bit of confused expression.

She let out a little laugh, covering her lower lip and her chin with a well-manicured hand, mattering playfully:

  • I don’t think we set up this Rendez-vous for the mere reason to ask each other if we are doing okay…
  • Right… we need to catch up… it has been a while…like… how long was it already?

Now he is more relaxed, as if her joyful attitude cleared all the warning thoughts whispering in his head. He is relieved. She doesn’t know. She will not. He knows what he is doing.

  • Well, since the day you got a girlfriend.

His fingers stop halfway from the surface of the table. His eyes are now fixing her, all filled with anger.

-And what is that supposed to mean?

-Probably nothing more than the truth. You were so busy with your lover, you didn’t feel the necessity to “catch up” with me.

-That’s not true. You know well enough that the disappearing one was you. I couldn’t reach you on facebook, you stopped talking, calling… you seemed so far away… so reserved. I couldn’t get the courage to approach you.

– You should have called… I mean it. I wasn’t avoiding you of course and I don’t need to voice it out in order for you to believe it. I just… wanted some space from the crowdy town.

– crowdy town? He asks, one eyebrow slightly raised.

She nods, looking into her cup of Raspberry juice.

  • Facebook, that is…

Then, she raises her head to face him, overwhelmed with sincere apology:

  • But I didn’t know you would need me.
  • I needed you… I still do, you know.

His hand reaches to hers, caressing it gently.

His eyes… Those golden, pretty things. The part she loves the most about him. Those eyes are gazing at her lovingly.


She clears her throat as she feels her cheeks burning. She recalls all the sweet memories with him. Motorbike racing in the highway under the clear sky of May, the mountain hiking in Japan… So many memories, all equally valuable to her poor heart which still loves him as dearly as ever.

She has always thought of him as her boyfriend. He always acted like the best one a girl can hope for.

Until the day he told her he finally got a girlfriend.

  • How is Mary doing? She asks as she releases her hand.
  • We broke up actually, he replies, leaning back to his chair.
  • Why? What happened?
  • We didn’t get along.

Simple, short answers. He clearly doesn’t want to discuss it further.

-Does it hurt? She cannot help but ask.

– A little. Actually, it hurts a great deal, and that’s why I need you.

Okay. Clearer that that she dies: She is officially his crying shoulder.

But now that she thinks about it, he didn’t know Mary for a long time. Was it late September? Just four months! Is it enough to love someone that much?

  • For how long were you together, you and Mary?
  • It was our First anniversary last month.
  • Are you sure?
  • Yes. Why are you asking?
  • I am asking you for how long you went out, not for how long you were acquaintances.
  • Yes, I heard you. One year.
  • Wasn’t it from last September?
  • No, that was when we got engaged.
  • ENGAGED!!!

She notices people turning around as she raises her voice. Then in a lower tone:

  • Engaged! You didn’t tell me!
  • Never mind. It’s all in the past now.
  • No, it isn’t!
  • Anyway I …
  • One year… last January, isn’t it?
  • Exactly.

His answer awoke her doubts.

  • Tell me, the night you walked me home and it was snowing, wasn’t it in February?
  • I… I don’t quite remember actually… he says carefully.
  • You don’t? Did you forget how you hugged me, whispering something in my ears.
  • Now, did I do that!

She fixes him angrily. She seems to be lost in a typhoon of thoughts, all contradictory.

  • Hey, Sarah darling… You know … maybe it was before February… wasn’t it December? Yes, I am sure, it was Christmas back then.
  • A moment earlier you don’t remember anything about it. Now you claim to remember better than me. What? Christmas? She murmured, smiling bitterly. And Am I supposed to be fooled by you once more?
  • Anyway, I don’t see your point, He says coldly.
  • You are as shrewd as ever. As manipulating, insincere… Having a girlfriend and fooling with my heart behind her back. How can you do this to me?
  • Look here! I’ve never thought of you in the way you think. You are a friend… A dear one, that is.
  • Ha! Are you supposed to kiss the neck of your female friend, telling her that you love her, send her red flowers and stuff? You are making me sick!
  • Don’t blame me for your own foolishness. You got the wrong idea. That’s your own mistake.

She checks her wrist watch in a very bored way, and stands up to her feet. She leans to his ears, muttering coldly:

  • You know what? Screw you, Ass ****!

Then she picks her glass of Raspberry juice and throw it to his face.

His head was literally soaking in reddish liquid, but everyone can notice his cheeks burning of humiliation.

As for Sarah, she already took her purse and is now walking her way towards the entry, without looking back.








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